Our Therapy Journey

~You are one click away from changing your life..."dare greatly"~

Hi! I'm so glad you are here. I know how difficult taking that first step can be.  
You feel overwhelmed, like you have too many problems and everyone around you has it all together. You wonder, what is going on with your life? 
You' may be scared, on edge, angry and irritable. There might be times you can't sleep. Times you feel sad, empty and lonely, like no one gets you. You are often doubting yourself. Are you doing the right thing? It makes you anxious and your confidence is low. 

Then imagine life with real coping strategies in place. A life where you are able to identify, understand and manage the strong emotions that sometimes get out of control. Think of the peace of mind that comes with self confidence and the calm that comes when you learn how to tame chaotic relationships. Picture a you that creates boundaries for yourself and others. A you that knows how to say no when you need or want to say no. A more authentic and daring you.  

Makes sense....but ugh who has time for therapy?

Online therapy eliminates the barriers of traditional office-based therapy, such as finding childcare, coordinating schedules, fear of being seen at the therapist office, or taking time off work.
This is a powerful option for professionals, business owners, college students, and those that have shy-avoidant type personalities.

Online therapy means you can grab a cup of coffee (or warm beverage of your choice), cuddle with a favorite blanket or furry friend, and totally let down your guard. You can say the things you may be afraid to say when other people are around because it is your space, your pace, in the comfort of your own surroundings. 

If you are ready to leave the drama of your current life behind and start down a new path, get in touch right now by clicking the client portal button below. There you can set up an an account and request an appointment or more information. We can even do a free consultation at your request to try it out!